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5 min readJul 15, 2023

The Victoria VR World contains five regions, all based on the principles of Feng Shui. At this point, we have revealed the Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal Cities to you, and today we would like to present the final element, Water. In Feng Shui, Water is associated with sound, the north direction, and organic shapes that form a wave or a curve. The city is located on the ocean in the very north of the Victoria Island.

The people of Water City, commonly known as the Water Elementals, did not always live in this permanent location. A long time ago, these warriors of the sea sailed around the world on a ship. Their crew consisted of members who always made logical decisions. With each course they took and each monster they fought, they always weighed out the consequences before engaging. However, one day, they made a grave mistake: they took on more than they could handle. It was a grim, dark power which proved to be a much bigger threat than they had anticipated. The ship’s crew had no other choice than to flee, and they remained on the run from the enigmatic force that was now following them, trying to catch up and devour them whole. After extensive research through ancient documents, the Water Elementals found that they could find protection through an object known as the Bagua Mirror, which reflects bad energies or demons and keeps them at bay. Although the parchments didn’t give any directions to find the mirror, there was a dull phrase at the bottom of the paper: ‘The mirror lies on the ocean floor, where balance meets harmony.‘

The crew sailed from island to island in hopes of finding what they were after, and simultaneously escaping the grasps of what was after them. They arrived on the coast of Victoria, where all the elements live as one in harmony. At the north of the island, they noticed something shimmering in the shallow water, and to their surprise it was the Bagua Mirror. The Water Elementals wanted to retrieve it from the water and keep it on their ship, however the people of Victoria forbade them from doing so. The mirror had been there for centuries, absorbing the powers of all five elements, mainly of Water which the island and its waters radiated. If the mirror left its location, it would lose its powerful properties. The Water Elementals understood and decided to stay in Victoria. Since then, they have been named the guardians of this magical item which has been protecting them for 168 years. Today the Bagua Mirror is kept safe under the Lighthouse within the city walls, and it protects the citizens from dangerous forces.

Water City without textures
Water City with textures

The Water Elementals have since built a modern city using the blueprints and knowledge of architecture that they gathered over the long years they spent in the open waters. They were able to construct their city with scrap materials from their ship as well as using the resources that the island of Victoria offered them. Water is connected to the number one, which is why the city is enclosed within a rounded wall, making it one large, singular unit. The architecture of the city is incredibly organic, minimal, and clean. The city center can be accessed through a hyperloop, with a station directly in front of the entrance. The element’s wave shape is represented in the organic and fluid architecture of the buildings. The lighthouse where the Bagua Mirror is kept defines the skyline, and there is a philharmonic hall in the eastern side which is a landmark for music performances. Water is associated with sound, therefore the importance of music and sonic performances is deeply rooted in the city’s culture. The metropolitan area is enclosed inside the curved walls, outside of which is a port, a sea farm and a field of windmills, which sustainably power the region. Here the player will find a series of minigames in the fish farms.

Water City Philharmonic Orchestra
Water City Sustainable Farm without textures
Water City Sustainable Farm with textures

To develop Water City, our designers used Unreal Engine and Blender. Blender was used to create the 3D models of each structure that make up the city. Unreal Engine added realistic texture and light to each object, turning these 3D models into an immersive world and gameplay. We are certain that this will be an enthralling place for our players to explore. As previously mentioned, Water is the final element that we are presenting to you. Now that you are aware of each region, we hope that you have a better understanding of what the immersive Victoria VR metaverse will look and feel like, and we wish even more that you are as enthusiastic about this place as we are.

Water City without textures 2
Water City with textures 2

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