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The Victoria VR World is comprised of five regions, all based on the principles of Feng Shui. We recently introduced you to Wood, and now we would like to share with you the creative process behind Fire. This element is oriented to the south and is associated with the triangular and pyramid shape and the legend of the Phoenix. All these aspects were carefully considered in the development of the storyline and the architecture.

Fire City Concept Art

This region is located in the southern part of the Victoria VR main island. Its history dates back to a period of environmental catastrophe where almost every part of Victoria was plagued by famine. One part of the south was an exception, the Red Phoenix’s nest which was overflowing with food. Travelers from all over the world tried to find this nest, and finally succeeded just as the Phoenix was about to be reborn. He rose from the ashes and made a promise to sacrifice all his energy to bring life back to the land. On the day of his reincarnation, he flew high into the sun where he burst into flames and filled the earth with his sparks of power. His nest turned into stone and the entire southern area was covered with garnets that glowed with Qi energy and fertilized the soil. People came from all over the world to reap the rewards of the Phoenix’s gift to the land. Fire City was restored to its glory and became the beating heart of the whole country. Today the location of the Phoenix’s former nest is now the center of the city, marked by Triangle Square. Here there is a levitating garnet which glows and provides warmth to the land.

Levitating garnet without textures
Levitating garnet with textures

The buildings are characterized by their pyramid roofs, inspired by architecture from anime productions. As Wood supports Fire, and Wood is associated with the rectangle, the structures are rectangular at their base. A river flows from the north, surrounds Triangle Square, and runs all the way down to the Fire Academy which is at the southernmost part of the Victoria VR World.

Several different programs were used throughout the development of the Fire region. First, Grayboxes were used to create 3D models of landscapes and buildings. Meanwhile, Blender enabled us to envision the main mass of the city. After this, it was important to experience the layout through Unreal Engine. After interacting with the preliminary draft through VR glasses, we better understood the space and changed the structure of the streets and buildings in a way that made more sense in an immersive experience. At this point, we modelled the buildings and added the various zones which include the Hyperloop station, the Old Palace, the New Palace, Fire old villages, Triangle Square, and Fire City streets. The hyperloop connects all these zones together. Blender was used once again for the detailed modelling of the buildings, and Substance Painter was also implemented to add more specific details.

Fire City street view

Fire City is a place that glows with powerful energy, characterized by the Phoenix’s sacrifice which symbolizes strength and renewal. We are immensely looking forward to the moment when you are able to experience this place for yourself. We are continuing to develop the remaining three regions of the Victoria VR World, so be on the lookout as we share more information with you about our ongoing creative process.

Mockup of the Fire City without textures
Mockup of the Fire City with textures

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