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At Victoria VR we are constructing our VR world. This Metaverse is comprised of an island called Victoria with five different regions, each inspired by the elements of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a practice originating from ancient China which investigates the way that energy forces can be used to harmonize us with our environment. Feng Shui connects us with nature through the following components: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each of these are related to each other and the world we live in, with the ability to strengthen or weaken each other. The first element is Wood, which is associated with the first region in our metaverse that we would like to present to you. Wood is located in the east and southeast part of the island, consisting of a forest landscape with towering sequoia trees. In Feng Shui ideology, wood is associated with growth and the numbers three and four.

Within the Wood region is Wood City. The design of the buildings is inspired by Japanese architecture, both from ancient Kyoto and from contemporary structures. Kyoto has a rich history going back over one thousand years, abundant with Shinto and Buddhist temples, often built from wood. What is fascinating about Japanese architecture, specifically in Kyoto, is the peaceful relationship of the created structures with nature, which can be noticed in the design of Wood City. The city coexists with nature instead of overtaking it, following the Japanese inclination towards a harmony with the natural world and its elements.

Wood City Model in Blender

The main entrance of Wood City is marked by a Japanese-style torii. A torii is a traditional gate which represents a transition into a sacred space, commonly found at the entrance of Shinto shrines. The environment within the city is quite monumental in scale, with gigantic 90-meter sequoia trees reaching high above the blocks of houses, as well as three massive towers: the Sports Tower (Taiikunoie, or House of Physical Training in Japanese), the Academy Tower (Chienoie, or House of Knowledge), and the Medical Tower (Shokubutsunoie, or House of Alchemy). It is important to note that three towers exist because of the number three’s relation to the east and to the element of wood in Feng Shui. Three symbolizes new beginnings and birth, which correlates with wood’s disposition towards creativity and growth.

Throughout the eastern Wood City, many of the buildings are completely covered by large, old tree roots on the ground level. There is a network of wooden bridges and pathways connecting the city together. Passing through these streets you will notice that the view of the sky is obstructed by the towering treetops, and the central square is the only place where the sky is clearly visible. The square has the highest building density, with some houses hanging from the trees. As you move farther from the center, the structures gradually become more spread out. On the southern outskirts of the city, you will find singular houses surrounding a lake.

We are working incredibly hard to deliver the highest quality graphics, with attention to detail in order to create a beautiful and engaging atmosphere connected to nature within our VR world. Three different programs were used to design and build this virtual city. Our architects worked with Blender and Unreal Engine in order to form the skeleton and the volume of the structures. Speed Tree was used to create the roots and trees that strongly characterize Wood City. The program was ideal for creating these elements because of its ability to generate realistic natural forms, with shapes and curves that suited our creative vision perfectly.

Wood City Main Square in Blender without Textures
Wood City Main Square in Unreal Engine with Textures

We can’t wait to offer you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this place, but for now we hope that you feel just as excited about Wood City as we do. We can try to describe the city in as much detail as possible, but we are aware that words can only go so far. It will be an incredibly different experience when you are finally able to see the magic of this world for yourself in real time. There is much more to be revealed in the coming months, so stick with us to learn more about the five regions in our Victoria VR World.

Wood City Model Side View

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