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We have revealed three cities to you so far: Wood, Fire, and Earth, and today we would like to introduce the industrial Metal City. As we have previously mentioned, the Victoria VR Metaverse is being designed while taking careful consideration of the principles of Feng Shui. Metal is in the west and northwest part of the Victoria island, and the element is associated with the numbers six and seven, the White Tiger, circular shapes, the sense of smell, feelings, order, organization and strategy.

View of the Metal City Upper Station with Textures

The story of this region dates back to a time when the whole area was contaminated with a thick smog which made the land barren and lifeless. A city was originally formed underground when the people began to mine iron ores, creating a large hole in the ground. The inhabitants resided here because the air above-ground was too contaminated for human lungs. This industrial hub has a post-apocalyptic aura, with tubes weaving throughout the city alongside heavy machinery and ventilators. Society suffered from an oppressive rule, and life only began to improve when a young woman started to fight for the locals and their rights. They called her The White Tiger, as many believed that she was the embodiment of this mystical animal. Shortly, rebellion was in full swing, and the old regime was overthrown. The White Tiger became the new leader of Metal City, which was rebuilt with an environmentally conscious approach, and the workers began to mine only pure metals. She added another layer to the city above-ground, which is supported by six construction towers. This hypermodern zone serves as a cleaning station where the poisoned air is cleansed through a process of machine-aided photosynthesis, and the clean air is then collected and filtered back into the underground. This operation is only possible with human intervention and technology, as the mere presence of plants and trees is not enough to purify this incredibly polluted region.

Construction of six towers without Textures
Construction of six towers with Textures

This new infrastructure is now fully operated by the Sphere, the brain behind the functioning of every machine within the city. It fully automates all tasks and efficiently distributes power to the whole metropolis. The Sphere was created by an AI system that makes life much easier for the people and is why the architecture looks similar to a computer. For now, AI seems to help society, but there are secrets behind this technology that the player will soon discover.

Metal City Lower Layer without Textures
Metal City Lower Layer with Textures

The focus on air purification is connected to Metal’s association with the sense of smell. The element is linked to white and all metallic colors, which form the primary color palette of this city. Metal’s symbol is the circle, and this is reflected in the city’s round shape. Additionally, Earth supports Metal in Feng Shui, therefore many of the structures are in the shape of a square. In order to build Metal City, Blender was used to form the 3D concept and add details to the architecture. Unreal Engine was then implemented to create the atmosphere, the animation, and the landscape. This dynamic and futuristic setting will be a fascinating place for the player to delve into within our Victoria VR Metaverse, with surprises and challenges that have yet to be uncovered.

Metal City Lower Layer without Textures pt 2
Metal City Lower Layer with Textures pt 2

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