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3 min readSep 13, 2022


Dear Community,

We wanted to update you on an important matter. Q3 2022 was intended to be our VR Land Reveal that we had already postponed once. This delay is due to an important business milestone we are working on to reach before committing to announcing a solid date for our VR Land Reveal. And while we obviously cannot go into details regarding this milestone, what we can say is that it is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN.

This leads to our second important topic, our roadmap. As you noticed, we have not updated our roadmap in a while for the very same reason as above. We will be able to put a proper date on many of our important events as soon as our milestone is reached.

All in all, we have learned from our mistakes about announcing floating dates and therefore, we won’t be announcing any dates until we have all the necessary information to make the predictions as accurate as possible.

Now, as we said before, this has no impact whatsoever on our day-to-day work. As a matter of fact, we have never been busier. We are ramping up the marketing team (we have hired our CMO, Content Manager and we’re in process of hiring our Marketing and Global Community Managers), and our development team is growing at a steady pace (we hired 15 people in the studio — yea, slow summer, we know…:)). This growth means the Prague office is bursting with life. Last but not least, we are developing a whole new website to support our metaverse so stay tuned for this!

Architect Department

Our work on Victoria VR is very much ongoing and as we grow our content team, the coming months and 2023 will see a lot more content being released to the public as we will slowly pull back the curtain on the world of Victoria VR. And to brighten the mood, we thought we would start by showing you a little video of the Victoria VR Metaverse cinematics. We hope you enjoy it!

Victoria VR Island Teaser

On the event side, if you have followed our news lately, you know we had a very successful show in Mexico, and right on its heels, we will not only participate in a gathering at London’s Czech Embassy to discuss the future of VR and AR, but we will also be part of EGX London, taking place on 22–25 of September. So, if you are planning to attend, do come and say hi!

As always thank you for your continuous support and we will get back to you as soon as our milestone is reached.

Victoria VR Team

About Victoria VR —

Victoria VR is a revolutionary Blockchain-based Virtual Reality Metaverse. Powered by Unreal Engine and featuring realistic, highly detailed graphics, it combines a massively-multiplayer-online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a unique Social Experience Playground.

Like never before, players will be immersed in a virtual reality world where they get to live their digital life. Whether you want to Play games, Develop your digital real estate (VR Land), Own a business, Work up or Get some entertainment, your imagination is the only limitation.

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Victoria VR

Victoria VR is the first Blockchain-based MMORPG in Virtual Reality with Realistic Graphics built and owned by its users.