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VR as a new approach to the luxury properties experience:

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5 min readFeb 7, 2023
Victoria VR Lagoon Catamarans

It is no secret to anyone that the future of marketing leads to technologies — in particular — Virtual Reality. It might be hard to justify the creation of a 300$ 3D model for a 10$ Zara top, but it makes sense with significantly more expensive goods — like luxury properties. For such a niche market where one deal per month provides a commission for the whole department and clients are busy and Very Important People, time is a primary asset, and VR is here to provide you with time.

There’s also a critical subtext to that — luxury doesn’t correlate with technology in our minds, quite the opposite. So the idea of uniting technology with the «old money» is not that obvious but makes sense if you think about it: Gucci already released their first VR sneakers, Decentraland brings the second fashion week (, in a row to the Virtual Reality, Farfetch showed their future VR shop, and it means that direction is clear — old money goes to the virtual reality to achieve new utilities for their users.

Bringing the utilities and helping the environment

And the first use case — meant to save money for the company and energy and time for clients — is to show them their potential luxury purchase (apartment, Mansion, or — in our case — a boat). It usually demands a myriad of resources to bring a yacht from point A to point B — it’s expensive and very harmful to the environment. Hence, the fact that Lagoon catamarans decided to implement VR as a step of sales funnels is quite revolutionary. Marketing teams also see the vast potential of that collaboration — efficiency and better experience for the buyer.

Gameplay mechanics and VR experience

Let’s dive in and discover what it means to implement the new technology to the Lagoon x Victoria VR x Escape to Nature announcing Collaboration. Victoria VR provides a one-to-one presentation of a sailing-motor catamaran of the new generation 55 launched by Lagoon. It means the user will be allowed to walk around the entire deck, see
the interior of the cabins and their bathrooms, walk through the
kitchen, and see the possibilities of integrating technology onto a
watercraft. This project is designed exclusively for the virtual reality headset — Oculus Quest (Meta Quest). So potential buyers who cannot see the catamaran physically will experience being on a yacht spontaneously staying in their homes or the Lagoon office because this project matches the size and scale of a real catamaran to create a sense of real presence during the observation.

VR Interaction on the boat

Which actions are available for the potential buyer/user? The client can move by real walking or by walking using the controller stick. Looking around is available by turning physically the user’s head or by pushing the main stick to the left and right sides. The jumping action is activated by waving the user’s hands up and down or pressing the ‘A’ button on the hand controller. Hands collide with every other object on the level. Doors are physics-driven (e.g., they can interact with the body/hands). There are physical doors on the level. They can be opened either with a handle or simply by pushing (if they are pre-opened). It is possible to rotate the captain’s wheel along its axis by grabbing it with a hand.

In other words, we provide a complete one-to-one imitation of actual actions for the user.

Victoria VR: Lagoon Catamaran Experience

The Metaverse experience

The next step is location: The catamaran is in an uninhabited spot in shallow water next to a large rocky cliff. It is all out in the open air on a sunny day. A wooden pier around the boat’s perimeter allows a full view of the catamaran from all sides. The level represents an uninhabitable place of Neutral waters in the South — specifically, a round pier around the vessel, lying in front of a large rock. Space is used for product evaluation so the user can test the product (a boat).

The game’s exterior appears to be a three-deck vessel of a motor-sailing catamaran, equipped with a system of 5 guest rooms and common rooms/spaces. The building materials are fiberglass, steel, plastic, wood, glass, textile, interior props, and the catamaran hull itself. Room furniture is found inside the individual cabins.

On the lower deck, guest rooms with bathrooms are interconnected by corridors and common kitchen space. Transitions between rooms are opened/closed doors. All closed doors are dynamic and can be opened by the user’s action.

On the main deck in the center of the vessel is a covered space with a shared kitchen. There are seating areas with sofas in the bow and tail parts of the vessel.

On the upper deck/captain’s deck, there is a place for steering the vessel and a seating area with a good view.
The outer part of the catamaran is fenced along the perimeter with rigging, which is a limiter for unrestricted movement on the deck and protects the player from accidentally falling overboard.

Experience it first hand in Düsseldorf

Potential buyers or people interested in VR technology had an exclusive opportunity to test it at the Boot exhibition in Düsseldorf from 24–26 January 2023. Together we presented Lagoon 55 VR and got positive reviews from the visitors. It was our first collaboration with a luxury brand, and it proved that luxury properties businesses could — and should — use Virtual Reality technology to promote, present and sell their products and to provide their clients with new improved experiences.

About Victoria VR —

Victoria VR is a revolutionary Blockchain-based Virtual Reality Metaverse. Powered by Unreal Engine and featuring realistic, highly detailed graphics, it combines a massively-multiplayer-online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a unique Social Experience Playground.

Like never before, players will be immersed in a virtual reality world where they get to live their digital life. Whether you want to Play games, Develop your digital real estate (VR Land), Own a business, Work up or Get some entertainment, your imagination is the only limitation.

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Victoria VR is the first Blockchain-based MMORPG in Virtual Reality with Realistic Graphics built and owned by its users.