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4 min readMay 25, 2024


Virtual reality is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing sectors in modern technology. With the vast possibilities that VR offers, many companies are realizing that the future lies in this industry. This trend is further validated by the entry of tech giants such as Meta and the recent move by Apple, the world’s largest company, into the VR field. However, the current barriers to developing VR games and applications remain extremely challenging. The cost, time, and need for specialized teams across multiple departments make VR application development very challenging. This is where our innovative tool — VR AI Builder — comes in.

Overcoming VR Development Barriers

Today, developing VR games and applications is a demanding process that requires significant financial investment, time commitment, and a large team of skilled professionals. Creating detailed models, programming interactions, and ensuring seamless operation requires the work of specialized modelers, programmers, designers, and more. It’s no surprise that the VR market is not as populated with games and applications as many would like to see.

Imagine simplifying this process in the same way that web development has evolved. Once an expensive and complex task, website creation is now accessible to anyone in minutes thanks to templates and simple tools. Our VR AI Builder aims to bring a similar revolution to the world of virtual reality.

VR AI Builder demonstration

VR AI Builder: A Revolutionary Tool for Everyone

VR AI Builder is a tool that allows anyone, with or without programming skills, to create their own game, building, showroom, store, or any other experience in virtual reality. This tool is designed to remove all barriers associated with VR development. All you need are $VR tokens and a plot of VR Land where you can build and monetize your virtual environment.

Faster Development and Richer User Content

VR AI Builder will significantly reduce the development time of VR applications. Companies will no longer need to hire large teams of modelers and programmers. Instead, they can use a tool that allows them to create their own VR content quickly and efficiently. This approach not only saves time and money but also enables them to respond quickly to the enormous market demands. Our platform will be a place where anyone can create anything in VR, leading to incredible growth and enrichment of user content at no additional cost.

Victoria VR: The Google of the VR World — Dominating the VR Market

The demand for VR is enormous, and even if Victoria VR had 10,000 employees, it would not be enough to satisfy it. That’s why we decided that rather than creating what businesses want in VR, we would build tools that allow them to do it themselves. With VR AI Builder, we won’t have to create VR content for every single company or person. Instead, we’ll become the platform through which any company can build their own virtual worlds, much like Google is a platform through which you can access any website. VR AI Builder is a true revolution that we believe will allow us to dominate the entire VR market. This will make us the Google of the 3D internet, and with our MMORPG game, a virtual world reminiscent of Ready Player One.

Early Access Functionality of VR AI Builder

The full functionality of VR AI Builder is currently in Early Access and limited to the Builder Zone. Here, users can create scenes from a selection of objects we have created which we call prefabs. These prefabs can be placed anywhere in the Builder Zone and are easy to arrange thanks to an adjustable grid system. To ensure functionality and a smooth experience, we have carefully designed the controls to work perfectly with the limited number of buttons on VR headset controllers. Combined with a simple and intuitive interface, no complex learning is required to understand how VR AI Builder works. Almost anyone can learn it in minutes.

Builder Zone in the Early Access
VR AI Builder in the Early Access

Integration with OpenAI

To wrap it up, let’s take a closer look at future plans for integrating OpenAI. Victoria VR is the first in the industry to integrate AI into such an advanced tool. Today, it’s very easy to get results based on simple text commands for ChatGPT, so imagine how powerful and yet simple it will be when integrated with our VR AI Builder. In addition to OpenAI, VR AI Builder is equipped with the ability to integrate any new AI technologies that are released, making it a future-proof platform.


Trust us, the future of virtual reality is here, and with VR AI Builder, each of us will be a part of it. Let’s enter a new world of unlimited possibilities and endless experiences together.

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