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5 min readMay 20, 2022

We are excited to finally be able to share our Victoria VR vision with the world through the release of our closed Alpha! While not everyone will get to take part in it at the beginning, we thought we would at least give you an idea of what the Alpha Testers will experience.

For this first Alpha Stage, our 168 lucky winners will explore the Big Market VR which includes the Shooting Range and a mini-game area, and the Hoverboard arena. They will also be able to try escaping from the mine by making their way through zombies.

Keep in mind that this is just a sample of what will be on offer — more game mechanics and features will be added! Also, until we activate the Multiplayer option, this Alpha will be a single player experience.

With that being said, below we will dig deeper into the details of these four major features, so without further ado, let’s dive in!

Let’s explore Victoria VR Alpha release in more detail!

A tutorial lobby where you can choose one of four maps to explore. This will introduce you to the basic player operations, and allow you to choose one of the four maps to explore.

You will be able to explore two rooms — A 3D map of the Victoria VR metaverse, showing what you can experience in the Alpha, an explorable hall containing a presentation of individual variants of the unique building types that our inhabitants will be able to create and configure. It also provides a taster of the information about the building types and their location in our metaverse.

We are excited to say that the first map contains a small part of Victoria VR’s ‘Big Market’, which contains two ‘courtyards’ containing about 1/10 of the total area of the space that will be available in the full release. Big Market will be an integral part of Victoria VR, as it will be a place where you can trade and meet other inhabitants and visitors, and cement your place in the Victoria VR metaverse. For the Alpha, there are some fun activities to try — for example, there is a shooting range with an energy pistol and a couple of differently spaced targets.

In addition to this, part of one of the courtyards is dedicated to our ‘Spaceships’ mini-game, which is a simple turn-based strategy for two players (at present this is you versus Victoria VR as the Alpha is single player only). In the future, this will of course pit two people against each other. ‘Spaceships’ is a fun game within a square playing area, where each side is assigned 3 ships. In each round, several stars appear on the board and the player’s task is to collect 5 stars more than the opponent. All ships have a limited amount of energy allocated at the beginning of the turn, which they can use to move, attack an enemy ship, repair a ship, or transfer energy to another of their ships. At the end of the game, a table with the highest scores is displayed where you can compare with other players — the table is common to all. Again, this is just a demo of the mini-games that will be within the full release, but we wanted the Alpha testers to get a sense of our ideas and the varied experiences in our metaverse.

Next, you can test out one of our most fun elements, and something that is absolutely critical to exploring Victoria VR — the hoverboard. Here you can try riding/flying on the hoverboard — an element that is completely controlled by body movements. For the Alpha, we have also made a mini-game available, so you can get used to how the hoverboard will work. The player in the arena collects coins and counts the time in which he managed to collect them all. We will keep a record of the best/shortest times achieved by each player, and this will be viewable by all Alpha players, so have a few tries and have fun getting up to the top of the leaderboard!

The last map is the mines, which you will have seen a number of times in our creatives across social media and covered within our articles. The mines will be quite expansive in the full release, but for now, you can get a great sense of the experience, where you will be able to choose a pickaxe, a few axes, a shotgun and need to either battle with, or escape (!), a number of annoying (!) zombies. The zombies will try to prevent you from finding your way to the laboratories, which is your only chance to escape from this inhospitable place. More game mechanics will be added to the full release, but this is a fun starting point!

This is of course an ALPHA release of the platform, not a completed product — it’s the first release of Victoria VR to the world, and we are excited to show you what we believe will be an amazing metaverse experience. However, this is of course an Alpha release and just a taster of the level of graphics Victoria VR will be in and some game mechanics. As such, please keep in mind that some of these elements will change before launch.

Our goal is to create a metaverse that is more engaging, dynamic and varied than any other, and we think you will see this in the Alpha.

The Victoria VR ecosystem will be a revolutionary platform, offering users a space where they can be what they want to be. It will also serve as a place for inhabitants and visitors to explore and share unique experiences. In addition, it will provide brands with an opportunity to reach new audiences in the virtual world and offer new ways to engage them. It’s going to be amazing, and now you can truly be a part of helping us shape it by playing our Alpha.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback, and we hope that you enjoy Alpha as much as we enjoyed making it!

About Victoria VR — https://www.victoriavr.com

Victoria VR is a revolutionary Blockchain-based Virtual Reality Metaverse. Powered by Unreal Engine and featuring realistic, highly detailed graphics, it combines a massively-multiplayer-online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a unique Social Experience Playground.

Like never before, players will be immersed in a virtual reality world where they get to live their digital life. Whether you want to Play games, Develop your digital real estate (VR Land), Own a business, Work up or Get some entertainment, your imagination is the only limitation.



Victoria VR

Victoria VR is the first Blockchain-based MMORPG in Virtual Reality with Realistic Graphics built and owned by its users.