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In order to ensure quick transportation throughout our Victoria VR World, we have created a transportation system called the Hyper168 that runs across the mainland, as well as the surrounding smaller islands. The Hyper168 capsule is a modern vehicle whose futuristic design remains aesthetically neutral because it passes through all regions of the world. Meanwhile, each station is designed according to the Feng Shui characteristics of the region it is located in.

The Hyper168 capsule should feel familiar to the passengers, as it takes inspiration from the design of trains in the real world. For example, the capsule is divided into pass-through sections, with non-uniform seating arrangements. There are large windows so that commuters can observe the surrounding landscapes and have an overview of their location. The capsule additionally serves as a mini-tutorial level where the player is introduced to the basic game mechanics, such as movement and physical interactions.

Hyper168 Capsule Development Progression

The overall size of the capsule was adjusted to be a bit larger than it would be in reality. The reason for this is that for VR and PC games, it is important to make the environment slightly more spacious so that the player does not feel confined. The interior of such a capsule is inherently enclosed, but we made sure to create a wider layout that feels more open.

The capsule will make stops at various stations across Victoria VR. We have already completed the design of the station in Asugea, the main city of the Wood region. You may remember that according to Feng Shui, Wood is associated with growth and harmony. The land is covered with a forest of sequoia trees, and the city coexists with this natural environment, with tall wooden buildings inspired by Oriental architecture. The Hyper168 Station is no different. The architectural style takes inspiration from Oriental design, as well as the main railway station in Prague prior to its reconstruction. The materials that were used can be found in buildings throughout the entire urban district, from the poorest peripheries to the ornate city center. Motifs referencing Wood are prevalent, particularly in the reliefs on the façade of the building.

Creation of Hyper168 Station

The color palette of the station was designed to emphasize the element, which is associated with green. These hues can be noticed in the greenhouse inside the station, showcasing all of the region’s biomes and vegetation. This type of presentation will be applied to all major Hyper168 stations to showcase the visual characteristics of the given element.

Our original idea for the Hyper168 Station in Asugea was to build it as a long, vertical tower, similar to the rest of the architecture of the city. There would have been a series of winding staircases to highlight this height. However, we had to deviate from this concept because we realized that these proportions could not accommodate the massive flow of people, and it could potentially hinder the opportunity for a player to establish visual contact with the main points of interest in the city. The station has been reimagined to settle closer to the ground to avoid this congestion. However, the building is still quite tall, with a more open floor plan to provide players with more space and a panoramic view of the city.

In terms of functionality, we had initially planned to have one railway track running through the station. We realized that in order to ensure the logical and smooth transportation of players, another track must be added. In case a player’s destination is not Asugea, their capsule is redirected to the second track, and they merely pass through the city and continue further into the world. This variation has a positive impact on the location’s atmosphere, as the capsules will continuously pass through the station at various intervals on the second track. This creates visual and auditory effects, stimulating a natural liveliness and an ongoing narrative at the station. We are continuing to design the remaining stations, and we are looking forward to providing you with more detailed updates as each building is completed.

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